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2021 How do you make alfalfa pellets with alfalfa pellet machine?


What is alfalfa pellets?

Alfalfa is rich in alfalfa polysaccharides, daidzein and isoflavones, as well as a variety of unknown growth promoting factors (UGF). Therefore, alfalfa can improve the performance of livestock and poultry in the production of livestock and poultry, improve the immunity of livestock and poultry, and improve the antioxidant capacity of livestock and poultry. Improve the quality of livestock and poultry meat and adjust the physiological functions of the intestinal microecological balance, and have a wide range of applications in pig production.

Alfalfa pellets is a type of fodder made of alfalfa. After the alfalfa is dried out, they can be made into pellets by a alfalfa pellet machine. The alfalfa pellets have a high protein content. It can help to reduce the dose of concentrated feed. And the alfalfa pellets are more convenient for livestock feeding, installing and transporting than the fresh alfalfa.

Why use alfalfa to make pellets?

  • Improve the production performance of livestock and poultry

Alfalfa can effectively improve the production performance of pigs. Wang Yanhua and others reported that adding 0.5% alfalfa saponins to the diet of Duchangda ternary hybrid piglets can significantly increase the daily gain of piglets, significantly reduce the feed-to-weight ratio, and also significantly reduce the daily gain of piglets. Diarrhea rate of piglets (P<0.05).

  • Improve the immune function of livestock and poultry

Alfalfa contains alfalfa polysaccharides, which can effectively improve the immune function of livestock and poultry. Alfalfa polysaccharides can promote the development of immune organs of livestock and poultry, promote the proliferation and differentiation of lymphocytes, and then enhance the killing effect of lymphatic B and T cells on pathogens.

  • Improve the antioxidant capacity of livestock and poultry

Alfalfa is rich in saponins and other biologically active substances, which have the functions of scavenging oxidative free radicals and enhancing the activity of antioxidant enzymes, thereby improving the antioxidant properties of livestock and poultry.

  • Improve the quality of livestock and poultry meat

Alfalfa can increase the lean meat rate of fattening pigs to improve pork quality. Du Jianming added 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% of alfalfa meal to the diet of Duroc fattening pigs in the experimental group. Compared with the group, the eye muscle area of ​​the fattening pigs in the experimental group was significantly increased by 0.99%, 17.19%, 7.84% and 8.87% (P<0.05), and the slaughter rate and lean meat rate had a tendency to increase.

  • Improve the intestinal microecology of livestock and poultry

Alfalfa polysaccharides rich in alfalfa have antibacterial effect, which can regulate the quantity of intestinal flora of livestock and poultry and improve the intestinal micro-ecology of livestock and poultry. Studies have shown that alfalfa polysaccharides can promote the proliferation of beneficial intestinal flora (lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria) in livestock and poultry and improve the intestinal micro-ecology.

How do make alfalfa pellets?


To produce alfalfa pellets, you may need an alfalfa pellet production line, which is very similar to a wood pellet machine production line, except that we don’t need a chipper. Due to the soft texture of dried alfalfa, our grinder is sufficient to process alfalfa into powder. So the whole process can basically be divided into grinding, drying and granulation. This is much easier than processing wood pellets or other biomass pellets.

In general, wood pellet machine can smoothly handle feed grain, but feed grain machine can not handle the wood, bark, straw and other hard materials, so I want to recommend some of our products, alfalfa pellet machine, grinder and dryer, If you are interested, please check our product catalog. For the production of modern industrial alfalfa pellets, the drying process is very important for the production of high-quality alfalfa pellets, because moisture is very important for the formation of pellets. Too wet or too dry raw materials may affect the final pellet yield and quality.

RICHI provides high-quality and reliable alfalfa pellet production equipment. We also provide free consultation. If you have any knowledge about us or our granulator, please feel free to contact us. We are very happy to receive your message, whether it is about quotation, question or suggestion, we will give you a satisfactory playback as soon as possible.

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