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Wood Chipping Machine

  • Brand Name: RICHI Wood Chipping Machine
  • Model: W-Drum-215/ W-Drum-216/ W-Drum-218
  • Capacity: 3-5T/H, 8-10T/H, 14-18T/H
  • Raw Materials: Wood Log/Branches/Pallet/Block/Bamboo, etc.


wood chipping machine for sale

Wood Chipping Machine For Sale

The industrial wood chipping machine is a special equipment for preparing various high-quality wood chips, which is used in the wood chip production bases of paper mills, particleboard mills, and fiberboard mills.

It can cut logs and small-diameter wood into high-quality industrial wood chips with uniform length, flat cuts, and uniform thickness.

It can also cut branches, boards, wood pallets, and other hardwood materials.


wood chips making machine

Wood Chips Making Machine

The wood chips making machine is the key equipment for the production of wood pellets, and it is also the first process of the complete wood pellet production line – raw material processing. The wood chipping machine is composed of multiple components.

Wood chipping machine is mainly composed of a drive system, feeding system, cutter, and wood chipping hammer, etc. 

  1. Machine body: It is welded by high-strength steel plate, which is the supporting foundation of the whole wood chipping machine.
  2. Knife roller: Two or three or four flying knives are installed on the knife stick, and the flying knives are fixed on the knife roller with specially made flying knife bolts through pressure blocks.
  3. Hydraulic system: The oil pump supplies oil to the cylinder, and the cover can be activated to facilitate the replacement of blades and maintenance.
  4. Up and down feeding mechanism: the wood entering from the feeding port is squeezed by the upper and lower feeding rollers and fed into the cutting mechanism at a certain speed. Control the size of the cut wood chip; when processing thick wood, it is adjusted by the feed gap adjustment mechanism.


Industrial Wood Chipping Machine

Wood Chipper Machine Model W-Drum-215 W-Drum-216 W-Drum-218
Feeding Size(mm) 160*400 230*590 300*680
Number of blade (pic) 2 2 2
Rotated Speed (r/min) 590 590 650
Capacity(t/h) 3-5 8-10 14-18
Main Motor Power(kw) 4-45 4-55 4-110
Feeder Power(kw) (2.2-3)*2 (3-4) *2 (4-5.5) *2
Oil Pump Power(kw) 1.5 1.5 1.5
Transportation Power(kw) 3 3 4
Weight(kg) 2990 5030 7000
Dimension(mm) 1470*1550*970 1800*1900*1210 2200*2150*1500

Wood Chipping Machine Test Running in RICHI Machinery

Wood Chipping Machine Manufacturer

feeding toothed roller

Feeding Toothed Roller

High-strength feeding toothed roller, suitable for large-size logs, improving feeding efficiency

wood chipping machine main motor

Wood Chipping Machine Main Motor

The main motor of the equipment uses Siemens motor, which has more stable performance and longer service life

wood chipping machine feeding motors

Wood Chipper Feeding Motors

The feeding motors are connected to the reducer to reduce the speed of the upper and lower feeding toothed rollers

wood chipping machine belt connection

Wood Chipper Belt Connection

The belt connection between the main motor and the cutter roller makes the speed faster and the cutting efficiency higher

wood chipping machine conveyor belts

Wood Chipper Conveyor Belts

Both the inlet and outlet can be equipped with conveyor belts to facilitate connection to the entire wood pellet production line

wood chipping machine hydraulic system

Wood Chipper Hydraulic System

According to different raw materials, the upper feeding roller assembly can float up and down with the help of hydraulic system

What is wood chipping?

  • Wood chips are small and medium-sized woods formed by cutting or shredding larger woods (such as trees, branches, logging residues, stumps, roots, and wood waste). Wood chips can be used as biomass solid fuel.
  • However, in order to improve the utilization of wood and wood raw materials, wood chips are usually made into cylindrical pellets with a size of 6-12mm through a wood pellet machine, which is usually used for daily heating, industrial boiler fuel, and power plant fuel.
  • Through the slicer, wood raw materials such as logs, templates, branches and so on can be crushed into wood chips for the next step of processing. RICHI is a professional wood chipping machine manufacturer. If you want to buy a wood chipping machine, please contact us for a quote.

Which is the best wood chipper?

the best wood chipper

According to the different feeding methods, wood chipper can be divided into two methods: flat feeding and oblique feeding. The choice of feeding method requires customers to decide according to their own needs. (Production line mode and raw materials also affect the choice of slicer.)

The wood chipper is divided into disc wood chipping machine and drum wood chipping machine according to the structure type:

In order to meet the different requirements of the wood chip length in the papermaking, fiberboard, and particleboard industries, the disc wood chipping machine can adjust the length of the wood chip within a certain range. The structure is compact and reasonable, the operation is simple, the production capacity is large, the qualified rate of wood chips is high, and the energy consumption per unit wood chip output is low. It is ideal equipment for producing wood chips.

Drum wood chipping machines are more widely used in wood pellet production lines. It is mainly reflected in the larger feed size and higher work efficiency. It can cut logs and small-diameter wood into high-quality industrial wood chips with uniform length, flat cuts, and uniform thickness. It can also cut branches, boards, etc.

RICHI is a professional manufacturer and exporter of pellet production equipment in China. Not only can we provide professional drum wood chipping machines and wood pelletizers, but we also provide customers with excellent pellet solutions for turnkey projects.

How much does wood chipping machine cost?

wood chipping machine cost

Well, the price of a wood chipping machine depends on several factors. The most common one is the structure category. Here, we have disc wood chipper and drum wood chipper. If you use it on the wood pellet production line, then we recommend the drum wood chipper, which is more efficient and has a larger output.

Similarly, raw materials also determine your choice. If your raw materials are logs, such as directional cultivated trees, because of their size, you have to choose a drum wood chipper, which can directly crush the logs into wood chips.

In addition, prices vary depending on your continent. This is because the freight is different (the price of ocean freight is different every day). That being said, you can contact us or send an inquiry so that we can send you a quotation that fits your budget.

How to choose the wood chipping machine manufacturers?

Before you can settle for a wood chipping machine manufacturer, there are several aspects you need to consider. They include:

Technological advancement
Does the company use modern technology to manufacture its wood chipping machines? If it’s still stuck in decades-old tech, you are better off choosing another one. Besides, you should consider the type of tech they are equipping their machines. Is it from established companies or knockoffs? Fortunately, at RICHI we use the latest technology and use components from established companies such as Siemens Motor, SKF Bearings.

You need to check whether a manufacturing company is registered and recognized by relevant bodies. If not, it is likely to deal with knockoffs, which are not safe and efficient. RICHI is CE & IOS Certified.

Speed of shipping
Another crucial aspect you need to consider is their shipping speed. An ideal company should not take months to deliver your order. Rather, it should take them weeks or a few months depending on your location.

Order tracking
Do they update you about your shipment? If yes, then that is a company to settle. And at RICHI, we do so.

Why buy a wood chipping machine from RICHI?

richi wood chipping machine

RICHI wood chipping machine has specialized in the wood pellet machinery industry for more than 26 years. What we use in producing machines is the most advanced technology in the industry.

We have many professional engineers and technical support teams, providing high-quality machines and exemplary after-sales service. We have a range of wood chipping machines for sale, contact us for the price list of wood chipping machines.

RICHI Machinery was built in 1995. Our high requirements for machines’ quality and the pursuit for perfect after-sales service have supported us for nearly 26 years of continuous development and sales of our machines to more than 110 countries. And RICHI wood chipping machine has passed the CE certification, BV certification. While RICHI Machinery has passed ISO international quality system certification.

At present, RICHI Machinery has grown into a modern enterprise engaged in independent research and development, production and sales, Including feed pellet machinery and engineering, biomass pellet machinery and engineering, organic fertilizer machinery and engineering, conveyor equipment and engineering, steel structure engineering, silos, automation control technology and engineering product development and manufacturing, design and installation.

RICHI Machinery has many kinds of products for sale, contact us to know more about us.

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