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Wood Pellet Line

Experts in Wood Pellet Production Solutions

Complete wood pellet line includes production equipment, storage of raw materials, packaging of finished pellets, and more. Different raw materials require different equipment in the process of granulation production. For example, peeling machines, slicers, shredders, etc. are required for different states of wood.

  • wood pellet production line
  • sawdust pellet production line

Determine your raw materials

Raw materials are the foundation. We need to know the customers' raw materials and formulate specific plans based on these.

global delivery

As a professional manufacturer and exporter, our wood pellet production line can be built no matter where you are.

wood pellet line output

The output determines the production plan. We can customize 1-40 tons per hour pellet production line for customers.

Turn-key Project

Start your wood pellet business with RICHI, from raw material processing to final pellet products.

Get An Instant Quotation

Under the background of energy saving and emission reduction all over the world, wood pellet production is a sunrise industry, and more and more investors want to build wood pellet production lines. RICHI has been developing pellet production equipment for many years and has very rich experience. At present, we serve many customers in more than 110 countries around the world.

For the establishment of a wood pellet production line, we hope to obtain the following information:

  1. Raw materials
  2. Output
  3. New project or upgrade project
  4. Workshop, power system, etc.
  5. Other

According to the information the customer gave us, our engineers will design a complete pellet production plan and send it to you, including:

  • Flow chart of pellet production line
  • List of all pellet production equipment, quotation
  • Layout of the entire pellet production line

So, please contact us via this form if you want to start your pellet business, or contact us directly via email and WhatsApp.

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