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I hope that with the help of RICHI, you can have smooth sailing in the pellet production industry.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of pellet production equipment, RICHI has received more and more attention from customers during the 26 years of development, not only because of our excellent technology and high-quality products, but also because of our service, for RICHI, customers are always the first.

what are the part of pellet machine
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Why do we recommend choosing a ring die pellet machine?

Ring die pellet machine is one type of pelletizing equipment. It is commonly used in the production of animal feed, wood pellets, and biofuels. This kind of pellet machine is known for its efficiency, durability, and ability to produce high-quality pellets on a large scale. The feeder feeds raw materials such as sawdust, shavings, and other biomass into the pelletizer chamber, forming pellets through high temperature and pressure. The ring die has small holes, called die holes, that are spaced evenly around its circumference. As the raw materials are forced through the die-holes, they are compressed and shaped into small, uniformly-sized pellets. One of the key advantages of the ring die pellet machine is its ability to produce high-quality pellets. Because the raw materials are forced through the die holes under high pressure, the resulting pellets are dense and have a smooth, uniform surface. This makes them less susceptible to

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How to turn sawdust into wood pellets?

As of 2022, North America and Europe will remain the most important production and consumption markets for wood pellets, and turn sawdust into wood pellets remains an upward trend. Because it belongs to clean energy, whether it is in the power generation industry, home heating, or daily use, the share of wood pellets is becoming higher and higher. So in the end how to talk about wood sawdust into pellets, RICHI Machinery will tell you. From raw materials to the final finished wood pellets, a complete wood pellet production line is very complex. Depending on the output and the design of the production plan, turn sawdust into wood pellets may include many kinds of wood pellet equipment. Processing stage of raw materials What raw materials can you use to make wood pellets? The raw materials for making wood pellets come from a wide range of sources: economic forest logs; forestry

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wood pellet machine mould
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Design and Maintenance of Wood Pellet Machine Mould

As the core component, design of the wood pellet machine mould has a great impact on improving the output and quality of wood pellet production, reducing energy consumption, and reducing production costs. At the same time, the wood pellet machine mold is also one of the most easily worn parts. Therefore, it is very important for wood pellets producers to understand the design and application of ring die, and to make correct selection, rational use and effective maintenance of ring die. The following is a brief analysis of the design, selection, use and maintenance of the ring die for reference. 1, Determination of ring die diameter and ring die effective pressing width parameters a, The diameter and effective width of the ring die are the main parameters of the wood pellet machine die According to the international wood pellet machine parameters and priority sequence to determine the ring die diameter

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What you need to know about Biomass Pellet Machinery 2022
biomass pellet line series

What you need to know about Biomass Pellet Machinery 2022?

Biomass pellet machinery is a kind of biomass energy pretreatment equipment. It mainly uses biomass such as wood chips, straws, rice husks, and bark from agricultural and forestry processing wastes as raw materials, which are solidified and formed into high-density pellet fuels through pretreatment and processing. 1, Introduction to Biomass Pellet Machinery The biomass granulator is divided into two types: horizontal and vertical, both of which use ring die, but have different structures. Using biomass such as wood chips, straw, rice husk, and bark in agricultural and forestry processing waste as raw materials, after pretreatment, it is solidified into high-density pellet fuel. 2, Advantages of Biomass Pellet Machinery Countries around the world are carrying out coordinated governance and management of energy and the environment to varying degrees. Straw fuel (that is, biofuel) is based on the solid waste of crops such as corn stalk, wheat straw, straw, peanut shells, corn

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rice husk pellet making machine supplier
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RICHI rice husks pellet machine realizes turning waste into treasure

RICHI rice husks pellet machine has gradually become the main product in the treatment of agricultural waste, providing an effective solution for alleviating air pollution and accelerating the process of industrialization. Rice processing enterprises will produce a large amount of excess rice husk products. In the past, the treatment method was to burn directly in the boiler, or to burn in the boiler after being pulverized. Rice husks were also used as feed additives after pulverizing. After the ban on coal and the direct burning of biomass fuels was banned, there were very few places to go for rice husks, and many rice husks were piled up in mountains and could not be disposed of in time. The reason why the direct combustion of rice husk biomass fuel is prohibited is because of its physical state, it cannot be fully burned, and it will produce polluting waste gas such as

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