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Wood Crushing Machine

  • Brand Name: RICHI Wood Crushing Machine
  • Model: SFSP56*40/SFSP66*60/SFSP66*80/SFSP66*100
  • Capacity: 3-5T/H, 6-9T/H, 10-13T/H, 12-16T/H
  • Raw Materials: Wood Chips


wood crushing machine for sale

Wood Crusher Machine For Sale

RICHI SFSP series wood crushing machines are widely used in feed processing, wood sawdust crushing, brewing, chemical, biological and other industries.

The patented shaft end ventilation system increases the output of materials with small apertures by more than 25%. Widened grinding surface, fully optimized hammerhead arrangement, excellent micro-grinding performance.

High-precision dynamic balance detection rotor, low vibration, and low noise.

RICHI Wood Crushing Machine

The wood crushing machine is the key equipment for the production of wood pellets, and it is also the second process of the complete wood pellet production line – raw material crushing. The wood shredder machine is composed of multiple parts.

The wood crushing machine is mainly composed of a drive system, a feeding system, and a crushing system.

  • The wood crushing machine adopts direct drive, scientific and reasonable hammer and screen gap, changing the gap, can carry out coarse and fine crushing, and the crushing chamber two-shot technology.

  • The particle size of the finished product after crushing is finer and more uniform, and the ¢3mm screen can reach the fineness of ordinary crushing ¢2mm screen.

  • The feeder of the wood crushing machine is equipped with a self-removing iron device.

  • Quick-opening door opening mechanism and elastic screen pressing mechanism is easy to operate and maintain.


wood sawdust crushing machine

Wood Crusher Machine Technical Parameters

Wood Crusher Machine Model Power Capacity Speed
SFSP56*40a 30kw 3-5T/H 2980r/min
SFSP56*40b 37kw 4-6T/H 2980r/min
SFSP66*60a 55kw 5-8T/H 2980r/min
SFSP66*60b 75kw 6-9T/H 2980r/min
SFSP66*80a 90kw 8-10T/H 2980r/min
SFSP66*80b 110kw 10-13T/H 2980r/min
SFSP66*100 132kw 12-16T/H 2980r/min
SFSP138*30E 110/132kw 15-20T/H 1440r/min
SFSP138*40E 132/160kw 18-25T/H 1440r/min

Wood Crushing Machine, Wood Crusher Machine in RICHI Machinery

Wood Chipping Machine Manufacturer

frequency conversion motor

Frequency Conversion Motor

The feeder mainly uses a frequency conversion motor with a reducer, which can maintain the feeding volume and uniformity

iron removal device

Magnetic Door

The feeder with iron removal device can further clean the raw materials and protect the safe operation of the equipment

wood crushing machine feeder

Wood Crusher Feeder

We have redesigned the feeder to be more precise, more convenient, and more efficient

SKF bearings

SKF Bearing

All RICHI equipment promises to use SKF bearings to improve equipment stability and service life

wood crushing machine pneumatic gate

Pneumatic Gate

Open the magnet door pneumatically, the adsorbed iron filings and other debris will automatically fall off

wood crushing machine sieve

Wood Crusher Sieve

We use a replaceable screen device, you can change the screen at any time to achieve the fineness of the crush

What machine makes sawdust?

wood crusher machine

As we all know, the wood pellet making machine is the key equipment for making sawdust into pellets. While not all materials are suitable for pelletizing directly, for some materials with diameters larger than 5mm, you need to crush them into sawdust or powder particles first.

A wood crushing machine can help you crush large wood chips into small mesh sizes.

We supply RICHI SFSP series wood crusher machine. We always believe that good products are one of the important indicators of corporate survival. We use high-standard materials in the production process and cooperate with internationally renowned brands to ensure that we can bring high-quality wood crushing machines to customers.

Besides, you can also take wood crushers into consideration according to your raw material. If your materials are wood logs, you need to use a Wood Chipping Machine for preprocessing prior to a wood crusher machine.


How to make sawdust from wood chips?

wood crushing machine for sale

The wood crushing machine is the most widely used crusher machine with good versatility. Its structure consists of three parts: feeding mechanism, crushing chamber (rotor, hammer, screen, tooth plate), and discharging part.

When working, the wood chips enter the wood crusher chamber from the feeding mechanism and fly to the tooth plate under the impact of the high-speed rotating hammer. After colliding with the tooth plate and rebounding, the wood chips are hit by the hammer again. At the same time, the wood chips are between the screen surface and the hammer. After being subjected to strong friction, the wood chips are gradually crushed under the repeated impact, collision, and friction.

In the wood crushing machine without a fan, the airflow in the wood crusher chamber causes the crushed material to be discharged through the sieve holes. The wood crushing machine with fan, after the crushed material, is drawn out from the sieve holes, the air in the mixed air flow is separated from the pulverization by a powder collecting device (such as a collecting cylinder, a dust collecting bag, etc.).


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