Netherland 2TPH Biomass Pellet Plant Has Been Installed

wood pellet plant in Netherland



Biomass Pellet Plant


2 T/H



Total Power

Main machines in this complete biomass pellet plant

  • sawdust hammer mill machine*75KW
  • box cylinder pulse dust remover*11KW
  • electric control cabinet conditioner and feeder
  • vibrating screen classifier*1.5KW
  • high quality ring die wood pellet machine*37KW
  • wood pellet cooler*0.75KW
  • new drying equipment for sawdust
  • automatic bagging system

Customer's main raw materials

  • wood sawdust

Customer's final biomass pellet size

  • 6-8mm wood pellet

Packing system for the biomass pellet plant

  • Yes, the customer choose an automatic packaging system

Customized scheme for the biomass pellet plant

  • We have two options: general pellet production solutions and customized biomass pelleting solutions. After full communication in the early stage, we have customized this biomass pellet plant for customers

RICHI provide the drawing details

  • whole biomass pellet plant flow chart
  • install drawings
  • operating instruction

Details of this biomass pellet plant

The typical advantage of this customized Netherland 2 t/h biomass pellet plant is the simple system and compact layout, which can greatly reduce investment costs. Equipped with automatic control system, it can realize remote control and easy operation. With the use of this biomass pellet plant, the target market for biomass pellet products is clear, and the demand is increasing year by year. Due to the good product quality, the product users are stable, the market sales prospects are optimistic, and customers are fully confident of rapid cost recovery and profitability.

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