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Chicken manure fertilizer pellets plant with pellet making machine

fertilizer pellets plant in China



Chicken Manure Pellets Plant


8 T/H



Total Power

Main machines in this complete chicken manure fertilizer pellets plant

  • Chicken manure grinding machine
  • Chicken manure mixer machine
  • Chicken manure pelletizing equipment for organic fertilizer pellets plant
  • Drum screening machine
  • Rotary drum dryer
  • Pellet cooling machine
  • Automatic packaging machine

Customer's main raw materials

  • chicken manure

Customer's final fertilizer pellets size

  • 6mm-8mm

Packing system for the chicken manure fertilizer pellets plant

  • Yes, the customer choose an automatic packaging system

Customized scheme for the chicken manure fertilizer pellets plant

  • We have two options: general pellet production solutions and customized pelleting solutions. After full communication in the early stage, we have customized this chicken manure fertilizer pellets plant for customers

RICHI provide the drawing details

  • whole chicken manure fertilizer pellets plant flow chart
  • install drawings
  • operating instruction
  • the production construction design drawings
  • steel structure full drawing and steel material list
  • plan and sectional layout graph of workshop drawings
  • steel structure construction drawings
  • the detailed steel structure drawings and material list
  • Diagram of floor
  • roof and wall reserved hole
  • oscillatory coefficients of equipment

Details of this chicken manure fertilizer pellets plant

The changes brought to us by the new technologies of modern society are: those animal feces that are generated all the time and are difficult to handle, through a series of processing on the production line, become A brand new, green-organic fertilizer pellets, these organic fertilizer pellets will re-act in soil improvement and agricultural planting.

If you have a chicken feeding farm, there is no cost for chicken manure. Even if you do, the cost of chicken manure is minimal. Chicken manure is a relatively high-quality organic fertilizer, which contains about 1.63%, 1.54%, 0.85% of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

The chicken manure organic fertilizer pellets production line is to dry the fermented chicken manure and then make it into organic fertilizer pellets. If you want to know more about the organic fertilizer pellets production line, please contact us for more.

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