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How much does the full set of wood pellet making machine price?

how much deos the full set of wood pellet making machine price

Summary: Many customers are asking about the wood pellet making machine price. Today, RICHI is here to answer your questions.

The production of wood pellets is a complex and delicate process. Each link of the entire wood pellet production line requires different equipment to cooperate with each other. The complete wood pellet production line consists of slicing, crushing, drying, granulating, cooling, packaging and auxiliary conveyors, silos, and various linking equipment. So how much does the full set of wood pellet making machine price

Selection of Wood Pellet Making Machine

Wood pellet making machines are divided into vertical ring die pellet machine and horizontal ring die pellet machine. Today we are discussing the horizontal wood pellet making machine price and how to choose it.

RICHI wood pellet making machine is a kind of pellet fuel forming machine using agricultural waste such as corn stalks, straw stalks, sawdust, wood powder, sawdust, etc. as raw materials. The final wood pellets are mainly used in fireplaces, boilers, and biomass power plants.

The above are the various types of wood pellet making machines of RICHI Machinery. The main difference lies in output, power, size, weight, etc. The number represents the size of the ring die, the larger the number, the larger the ring die, the higher the corresponding output. Of course, the output is also closely related to the raw materials, and different raw materials restrict the production of wood pellet making machines. Therefore, when customers inquire about the wood pellet making machine price, we often ask customers two basic questions: What are your raw materials and what is your expected output?

We also hope that customers can understand the wood pellet making machine manufacturer like us. We must be responsible for you. Only by understanding your needs can we truly design the most suitable wood pellet production plan for you.

Such wood pellet production line also has other production equipment, such as wood chipper, wood crusher, sawdust dryer, pellet cooler and so on. The price is also determined according to the customer’s raw materials and output, we will not repeat them here today. If you really have the need to build a wood pellet plant, and now you are looking for a complete set of wood pellet making machine price. Then please contact RICHI Machinery directly, we will customize a complete wood pellet production solution for you according to your needs.

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