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How to benefit from wood pellet mill?

benefit from wood pellet mill

In recent years, we have noticed that wood pellet mill or wood pellet production has become a hot business. We don’t know when to start, but many people want to benefit from it. How to benefit from wood pellet mill or wood pellets? Today we explore the truth together. Before that, it is necessary to understand what wood pellets and wood pellet mill are, and then we will find out how to make money from them.

Wood pellets are an important biomass energy source. What is wood pellets? It is made from some forestry and agricultural residues. Use a wood sawdust hammer mill to crush the raw materials and press them into a specific size and shape. It can be used directly as biomass fuel, or further processed to form biochar. Wood pellets actually play a variety of roles in our daily lives, such as heating, cooking, power generation and other industrial uses.

With the maturity of wood pellet manufacturing technology, many countries have realized industrialized production, including Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the United States, Canada, Japan, China and so on. So how to produce wood pellets? The wood pellet mill is the core equipment for the production of wood pellets.

Wood pellet mill, also known as wood pellet machine, sawdust pellet machine, is an environmental protection equipment that uses wood chips, sawdust, crop straw and other biomass as raw materials to make wood pellets.

What are the advantages of the wood pellet mill? We summarize the following parts:

  • Raw materials are readily available, such as crop stalks, leaves, wood shavings, grass, sawdust and other combustible biomass. They are also renewable.
  • The investment cost is low. The material cost is almost zero, and after simple training, due to the simple operation of the wood pellet machine, the labor cost is very low.
  • Turning waste into treasure. Wood pellet machines help farmers benefit from abandoned agricultural residues and increase their income. At the same time, it solves the problem of crop stalks and protects the environment.
  • Environmentally friendly. Compared with traditional fuels, the combustion process of wood pellets has less environmental pollution. As a clean energy, the content of harmful substances is low, and the content of ash, sulfur, and nitrogen is much lower than that of fossil energy. The sulfur content of biomass energy generally does not exceed 0.2%. The combustion process releases CO2 with the same amount of material absorption, which helps to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce carbon emissions, and reduce air pollution.
  • Wood pellet fuel is widely used. It is suitable for industrial biomass boiler plants, power plants, civil heating, cooking and other industries.

5 factors you should know about startup wood pellet mill

As with other projects, new beginner of the biomass industry may face some investment risks, so you should do some market research before investing in wood pellet mills. What are the problems you need to filter before investing in wood pellets?

  1. Raw material
    At present, the most competitive view of wood pellet fuel is raw materials, and whether there is enough raw material supply to decide whether it can have a place in the market. Therefore, the supply of raw materials is the most important part of the investigation of the wood pellet mill. It is necessary to determine which of the raw materials are mainly, whether the supplier can supply raw materials stably or not, whether there are impurities such as nails in the raw materials, and it is not too late to check the wood pellet machine manufacturers after determining this problem.
  2. Wood pellet mill
    The choice of wood pellet mill: The choice of wood pellet mill should be selected according to the purpose and scale of use. Usually for small and medium-sized manufacturers, small granulators can be selected, or corresponding small granulators can be equipped according to actual needs. For high automation requirements, you can choose a high-configuration fully automatic wood pellet production line. For some large factories, it is recommended to purchase complete wood pellet equipment, including pellet machines, slicers, shredders, dryers, pellet coolers, pellet packaging machines, etc.
  3. The choice of wood pellet mill manufacturers
    Regarding the selection of wood pellet machine manufacturers, quality, pre-sales and after-sales service, reputation, etc. need to be considered. At present, there are quite a few wood pellet mill brands available in the market, such as CPM in the North American market, ANDRITZ in the European market, RICHI in the Asian market, and so on. No matter which brand the customer chooses, it is important to choose high-quality production equipment that meets their needs.
  4. Power supply
    The power of wood pellet machines on the market generally requires the use of high-voltage industrial electricity. If you bring other equipment on the production line, you need to find or install a transformer that can provide a stable power supply.
  5. Staffing
    In the formal production of the wood pellet mill, various small problems will definitely occur. To find the right partner before investing, you must have knowledgeable workers and be able to solve some small problems by yourself. If not, it is recommended to carefully choose a cooperating manufacturer that understands technology and arrange for employees to conduct relevant technical training to facilitate daily operations.
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