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How to improve the production efficiency of the manufacturer’s wood pellet machine?

improve the wood pellet machine production efficiency

How to improve the manufacturer’s wood pellet machine production efficiency? Customers and friends naturally want high-yield production efficiency after purchasing our wood pellet machine equipment, but if the choice is not good or the operation is improper, it will affect our wood pellet machine. 

The production efficiency of the wood pellet making equipment, how to do it? The technical editor of RICHI Machinery will introduce it to you, so that you can better understand our wood pellet machine. 

  1. Choose the wood pellet machine equipment that suits your production capacity. For example, the actual output is 2 tons. If you choose a machine with an output of 4 tons per hour, wouldn’t it be overkill and wasteful.
  2. The feeding of the wood pellet machine equipment should be uniform during the production process, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the machine and uniform pelletizing without blocking the material.
  3. Control the gap between the mold and the pressure roller. After the material is cured at high temperature, it is pressed and formed by the pressure roller, so that the resulting particles have good density and are strong and beautiful.
  4. Choose the appropriate die aperture according to your actual needs. If the aperture is too small, it will cause the phenomenon of low output and no material, which will also seriously affect the wood pellet machine production efficiency.
  5. Regular oil injection, lubrication and cleaning. Long-term friction between the mold and the pressure roller will damage the mold. Regular oil injection and cleaning can not only ensure the cleanliness of the mold, but also reduce the friction between them, reduce costs, and improve wood pellet machine production efficiency.
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