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Increase the output of straw pellet machine

straw pellet machine for sale

A good way to increase the output of the straw pellet machine is to buy a good straw pellet machine. Of course, under the same conditions, if you want to increase the output of the straw pellet machine, there are other ways to share with you here.

Control the content of crude fiber materials. Crude fiber is a very important factor in the process of straw pelleting. Too much content, poor adhesion, difficult to press molding, too small content, not conducive to molding. Typically, the control is about 5%. We will contact specific values. We give the calculation result according to your specific situation.

Add grease. When the straw pellet machine is used as a fuel pellet machine, it is necessary to add an appropriate amount of oil to the material, about 0.8%. Adding grease has two advantages. One is to reduce the wear of the machine and increase the service life of the machine. Second, the material becomes easier to press and form and increase yield. It should be noted that the amount of control should not be excessive. The addition method is usually to add 30% in the mixing and stirring part, and spray 70% in the granulator. If you use a straw pellet machine to make feed pellets, don’t, or you can’t eat pelleted animals.

The moisture content is controlled at about 13%. For biomass fuels, the moisture of the material should be strictly controlled. This is the prerequisite for pressing the material into pellets. If the moisture is too high, the particles will loosen. It’s not a lot, but keep in mind.

If the biomass straw pellet machine is used improperly, the output will be lower than the standard expected output. If it is used for a long time, the output will decrease. As a manufacturer of biomass wood pellets, we have the following suggestions.

  1. Adjust the moisture content of raw materials. The moisture content of raw materials such as sawdust and sawdust required to inhibit biomass particles is about 13%. Too high or too low will reduce yield.
  2. Adjust the parameters of the pellet machine. For example, the gap between the pressure roller and the mold. Different materials require different gaps. If the output is low, the gap may not be adjusted correctly. Let the manufacturer adjust it.
  3. The new mold should be ground. Limited to the mechanical manufacturing level of the straw pellet machine, the smoothness of the cavity of the new mold cannot reach the level of the straw pellet machine. The grinding method is also very simple, pressing a mixture of oil, sand and wood chips many times. You can ask the manufacturer for the detailed process, or contact our customer service.
  4. Do a good job in machine maintenance and replace molds in time. It takes a long time for the mold and the roller straw pellet machine to cause abrasion, which is inevitable. If this is the reason for the decline in production, it is better to replace the mold.
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