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Rice husks pellet machine realizes turning waste into treasure

rice husk pellet making machine supplier

Rice husks pellet machine has gradually become the main product in the treatment of agricultural waste, providing an effective solution for alleviating air pollution and accelerating the process of industrialization.

Rice processing enterprises will produce a large amount of excess rice husk products. In the past, the treatment method was to burn directly in the boiler, or to burn in the boiler after being pulverized. Rice husks were also used as feed additives after pulverizing. After the ban on coal and the direct burning of biomass fuels was banned, there were very few places to go for rice husks, and many rice husks were piled up in mountains and could not be disposed of in time.

The reason why the direct combustion of rice husk biomass fuel is prohibited is because of its physical state, it cannot be fully burned, and it will produce polluting waste gas such as carbon oxides and nitrogen oxides. However, the emergence of the RICHI Rice Husks Pellet Machine perfectly solves this problem, and breaks through the technical barriers for the combustion and reuse of rice husks. Extremely low, completely environmentally friendly and clean energy, and renewable. It has added a heavy touch to the utilization of biomass energy in China. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the rice husk pellet machine.

The main performance and characteristics of rice husks pellet machine:

  1. Adopt the latest design, save about 10% of energy consumption under the same power.
  2. It adopts a special gear box more suitable for the pellet production industry, with parallel hard tooth surfaces, stronger impact resistance and stronger horsepower.
  3. The feeding of the starting rice husks pellet machine adopts a current control system, which automatically adjusts the feeding speed according to the current size, and the feeding is reliable and does not hold the machine.
  4. The pelleting system of the starting rice husks pellet machine adopts a quick-release structure, which is more convenient to replace the ring die & pressing roller and saves time.

Scope of application of rice husks pellet machine:

RICHI rice husks pellet machine is suitable for pressing materials that are difficult to bond and form. Such as: rice husks, sunflower seed husks, peanut shells, and other melon and fruit shells; branches, trunks, bark and other wood scraps; various crop straws, such as: wheat straw, corn straw, reed straw, rice straw , cotton stalks, etc.; rubber, cement, ash and other chemical raw materials. Used in feed factories, wood processing factories, fuel factories, fertilizer factories, chemical factories, etc., it is the most ideal biomass compression molding equipment with small investment, quick effect and no risk.

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