Trouble analysis and troubleshooting of biomass pellet machine

ring die and biomass pellets

Due to the variety of raw materials, different component attributes, and uneven pelletizing difficulty, the wood biomass pellet machine usually encounters some problems in the daily use process, such as the pellets cannot be formed, the output does not meet the standard, and so on. In this regard, we have summarized the common problems and troubleshooting methods of customers in the production of biomass pellets. Please refer to the following table. If you have other questions, you can also leave us a message, and we will help you solve any problems in the wood biomass pellet production process.

No. Failure & Phenomenon Reason Solutions
#1 The material enters the pelleting chamber normally, but cannot be pelleted 1. Ring die hole is blocked
2. The water content of the material is too high or too low
3. The die roll gap is too large
1. Use a suitable drill to punch the die hole
2. The correct material reaches 12+1% moisture content
3. Adjust the gap between the mold rolls
#2 No raw material enters the pelleting chamber 1. Blocking and accumulating material
2. modulator hinge dragon
1. Turn off wood biomass pellet machine and dredge
2. Clean the hinged dragon blades
#3 The wood biomass pellet machine can't start 1. The material accumulated in the pressing room is not cleared
2. Circuit failure
1. Clear accumulated material
2. Eliminate electrical faults
#4 Strong noise and vibration 1. The bearing wear is very serious
2. The pressure mold and the pressure roller wear very seriously
3. Gap between die and roller
4. There are foreign objects in the modulator
5. A small foreign body is pressed into the die hole
1. The bearing must be replaced
2. The die and roller must be replaced
3. Adjust the gap appropriately
4. Clean up foreign objects in the modulator
5. Clean the foreign objects in the die
#5 The pressure roller has a movement phenomenon The nut and screw of the pressure plate are loose Tighten the bolts
#6 The output of the wood biomass pellet machine does not meet the requirements 1. Material moisture is not suitable
2. The raw material properties are not suitable
3. The fineness of raw material crushing is not suitable
4. The particles are too hard
5. The electric current reaches the rated value
1. Reasonably regulate moisture
2. Adjust the raw material formula
3. Improve crushing fineness
4. Replace the die or reduce the length of the die
5. Increase the amount of feed
#7 The pellets are not tight 1. The ring die is not suitable for the material formula
2. Mold aging
1. Increase the length of the ring die
2. Replace the ring die



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