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The ultimate guide – learn about the biomass pellet making machine

learn about the biomass pellet machine

Biomass pellets introduction

Biomass pellet fuel has the characteristics of environmental protection, cleanliness, high heat and sufficient raw materials. A wide range of raw materials, with agricultural residues such as: straw, corn stalks, cotton stalks, rape stalks, wheat straws, sesame stalks and other residues; and orchard pruning residues, municipal pruning residues, garden industry residues, husks, sawdust, Residues such as wood shavings, wood chips, bamboo chips, bamboo powder, building templates, etc. are raw materials, which are extruded into cylindrical or square strips through high pressure and high temperature through the pelletizing equipment, and then cut into small sections with a length of 15-50mm through a scraper. The final result is a clean, environmentally friendly and recyclable high-quality biomass pellet fuel.

The biomass pellet fuel is suitable for schools, enterprises and institutions, biomass boilers, heating stoves, vaporizers, bathing, washing, printing and dyeing, textiles, food, spraying, clothing, heating companies and other industries.

Introduction of Biomass Pellets Production Process

Biomass pellet fuel production steps: It consists of raw materials that are chipped, crushed, dried, pelletized, cooled, packaged, and sold. At the same time, each link is equipped with a strict quality control system to ensure the quality of the product.

Raw Material> Chipping> Crushing> Drying> Granulation> Cooling> Packaging

Equipment introduction

Chipping machine

The raw materials are transported to the chipper through the conveyor for chipping, and the chipped wood chips are output through the conveyor, and the output materials are stacked or transported through the conveyor to the shredder for next production.

wood chipping machine cost

Grinding machine

The shredded chips are transported to the grinding machine through a conveyor for pulverization. After the pulverized material reaches the standard of compressed particles, it is stacked or transported to the dryer through a conveyor for the next step of production.

wood crushing machine

Drying machine

Biomass pellet fuel has strict requirements on the moisture content of the raw materials. The moisture content should be below 15%. The raw materials with high moisture content need to be dried before use. The wet raw materials are transported through the conveyor to the dryer and dried by hot air. , To reach the required standard before proceeding to the next step of production.

wood sawdust drying machine for sale

Characteristics of RICHI Biomass Pellet Making Machine

  1. Lubrication: The pressure roller, main shaft and other assemblies are all dust-free precision assembly, using high wear resistance and multi-sealing, spray-type thin oil circulation lubrication, no need to add butter or grease, directly reducing fuel consumption costs.
  2. Motor: The industry’s first dedicated motor for wood pellet machine, the power output efficiency is increased by more than 10%, the power density of each center height can reach 3-5 times, the voltage and frequency have a wide range, and it is more suitable for operation under harsh environmental conditions and energy saving ,safe and stable.
  3. Transmission: reducer, a special reducer for pellet machine developed and produced by ourselves, shields the short board of ordinary industrial reducer in the operation of pellet machine, adopts finite element design, parallel hard tooth surface gear transmission, and has equal strength step by step. Even if the high temperature, lack of oil or the load increases to 3-4 times normal, it can still operate normally.
  4. Safety: The lubrication level of the whole machine is designed based on the lower maximum allowable oil temperature, and the loading cycle is forced to air cooling, the oil temperature is low and constant, the spray lubrication shields the characteristics of short-term deterioration caused by the agitation of the lubricating oil, and the oil replacement cycle Extend 1.5 times.
  5. Modularization: To break the situation that the biomass pellet making machine in the industry adopts ordinary motors and ordinary industrial reducers, and use self-developed pellet machine special motors and reducers to provide power and transmission. The design of the whole machine becomes more compact, the complex process and small parts are reduced, the modular production and assembly of standard parts are realized, and the quality, performance and safety factor of stable operation are increased by 3-4 times.

Cooling machine

The temperature of the pellets during compression molding is as high as 80~90℃, the structure is relatively loose, and it is easy to be broken. After being cooled to room temperature by a cooler, the pellets have high strength and are not easily broken before they can be bagged into the warehouse or sent into the drum by conveyor and elevator. The warehouse proceeds to the next step.

pellet cooler machine

Packing machine

The sieved finished biomass pellet fuel is transported to the packaging machine for packaging via a conveyor. It can be packaged in 25KG, 50KG and ton bags, and then placed in inventory for sale.

wood pellets packing
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