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What equipment do you need to make wood pellets?

what equipment do you need to make wood pellets

Wood pellets have become the most popular fuel pellets nowadays. Whether it is large and medium-sized power plants, home heating and combustion, and even smoked meat stoves, wood pellets are used to provide heat. So, what kind of wood pellet making equipment is needed to produce this kind of fuel pellets?

For different raw materials (mainly wood materials, generally like: logs, forest waste, wood processing plant waste, waste wood, wood shavings, wood chips, wood sawdust, etc.), we RICHI Machinery will design different wood pellet production solutions for customers . The whole set wood pellet making equipment of the wood pellet production line includes the following equipment:

  • wood debarker machine
  • wood chipping machine
  • wood sawdust making machine
  • wood sawdust drying machine
  • wood pellet making machine
  • wood pellet cooling machine
  • wood pellet screening machine
  • cyclones
  • wood pellets storage system
  • wood pellet packing machine
  • ductwork and conveyors to link them all

Wood Chips Making Machine

the best wood chipper

It can be widely used in particle board factories, medium and high-density fiberboard factories, furniture factories, biomass power plants, wood chip factories, and biomass preparation industries in the biomass energy industry.

Drum wood chips making machine series are special equipment for the production of wood chips, with their large in-feed openings, logs or bundles of wood with a diameter of over a meter can be reliably processed in larger wood chippers.

Wood Sawdust Making Machine

wood crusher machine

The wood sawdust making machine adopts hammer blade design, which can be used to crush common materials. Because of the high output, it is usually used for crushing operations in pellet mills. It can be used alone, but it is generally installed in a pellet production line and used in conjunction with other wood pellet making equipment.

Wood Sawdust Drying Machine

sawdust dryer machine sale

In the wood pellets production process, if the moisture of the raw material does not meet the pelleting requirements, it needs to be dried. The wood sawdust drying machine adopts low-speed rotation and hammer bending to disperse the materials, so that the high-temperature air flow is mixed with the materials to achieve a uniform drying effect. It can dry wood sawdust, straw, rice and other materials.

Wood Pellet Making Machine

wood pellet making machines

RICHI ring die wood pellet making machine is suitable for the materials with low adhesive and formation rate, which are difficult to pressing molding, such as rice husk, sunflower seed husk, peanut hull, a variety of wood waste like branch, trunk, bark, various of crop straw, eucalyptus, palm fiber(EFB), coffee shell, sawdust and so on.

Wood Pellet Cooling Machine

pellet cooler machine

The cooling of pellets is an indispensable process in the wood pellet making equipment. The counter-flow wood pellet cooling machine can cool the wood pellets with a temperature of 70 ℃ -90 ℃ from the pellet mill. to a temperature slightly higher than the room temperature of 3 ℃ -5 ℃, and can be reduced to safe moisture (≤12.5%), which is convenient for pellets transportation and storage.

Wood Pellet Packing Machine

wood pellets packing

RICHI automatic wood pellet packing machine is applied to pack the powder and pellet material into bags, according to a certain speed and weight. Widely used in grain, feed, food, light structuring and chemical industry. Belt feeding scale is suitable for packing powder and pellet, while screw feeding scale is only applicable to packaging of powder.

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