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10TPH Automatic Wood Fuel Pellet Plant In United States

wood fuel pellet plant in USA



Wood Fuel Pellet Plant


10 TPH



Total Power

Main machines in this complete wood fuel pellet plant

  • Wood chipper for making 3-5m chips*JLBX218
  • Wood hammer mill to grinding wood chips*SFSP66*60
  • Pulse dust collector*TBLMa.36b
  • Rotary dryer*ф1800*180000
  • Ring die commercial wood pellet mill*MZLH520
  • Pellet cooling machine*SKLN17*17
  • Screener machine
  • Automatic packing machine
  • Sewing machine

Customer's main raw materials

  • wood waste from furniture factories, paper mills other factories

Customer's final wood fuel pellet size

  • 6-8mm wood fuel pellets

Packing system for the wood fuel pellet plant

  • Yes, the customer choose an automatic packaging system

Customized scheme for the wood fuel pellet plant

  • It’s a customized scheme for our customer

RICHI provide the drawing details

  • Layout of wood fuel pellet plant in workshop
  • Foundation drawing
  • Installation drawing of steel structure
  • Installation drawing of equipment
  • Drawing of control cabinet

Details of this wood fuel pellet plant

This project is a competitive price 10 tons per hour full automatic customized wood fuel pellet plant. The customer’s main production raw materials are some waste wood, which is relatively large and contains iron nails and other impurities. Therefore, if you want to make wood pellets, you must first slice and crush. We have specially customized the cleaning section for customers, which can screen out iron nails, and then directly slice and crush the waste wood, and then use a high-efficiency wood sawdust hammer mill crusher to crush again to meet the pelletizing requirements.

The core equipment of this wood fuel pellet plant is 3 sets MZLH768 ring die wood pellet machine, with a single output of about 2.5-4 tons per hour and a power of 250kw. It is our high performance pelletizing equipment, and it is also a wood pelleting equipment that is affirmed by our customers worldwide.

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