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1-1.5T/H Wood pellet production line in Indonesia

wood pellet production line in Indonesia



Wood Pellet Production Line


1-1.5 T/H



Total Power

Our wood pellet production line in Indonesia has been officially put into production. The customer mainly uses waste wood sawdust to produce pellets, which meet international standards and will be exported. If you are interested in wood pellet line or other biomass pellet line, then please contact us for a customized pelletizing solution.

Main machines in this complete pellet production line

  • Wood Crusher*55kw
  • Dryer*1.5*12M
  • Wood Pellet Mill For Sale in Indonesia*132KW
  • Cooling Machine*2.2KW
  • Vibrating Screen and Other Auxiliary Equipment
  • Automatic Packing System

Customer's main raw materials

  • wood sawdust

Customer's final wood pellet size

  • 8mm wood pellet

Packing system for the wood pellet production line

  • Yes, the customer choose an automatic packaging system

Customized scheme for wood pellet production line in Indonesia

  • Standard scheme, not customized

RICHI provide the drawing details

  • whole wood pellet production line flow chart
  • install drawings
  • operating instruction
  • pit drawings

Details of this wood pellet production line in Indonesia

In the newly designed biomass fuel wood pellet production line in Indonesia with a capacity of 1-1.5 tons per hour, logs and wood chips harvested from the forest, leftovers and sawdust from furniture factories are used as raw materials for the manufacture of wood pellets. The moisture content of the log is about 60%, and the leftover material is 18%. The pellets are sold to local pellet retailers. In general, the pellets are ultimately used to burn industrial boilers.

  1. We send two technical and installation engineers to guide the installation;
  2. After installation and debugging, we have trained the customer’s workers how to operate;
  3. Train workers how to maintain and protect;
  4. According to the characteristics, we will formulate complete maintenance rules for you, including how to maintain, when to maintain, and who to maintain;
  5. Our company’s after-sales department will call Tanianza’s customers regularly to inquire about repairs and give suggestions;
  6. In addition to wearing parts, our company provides 1 year free warranty and permanent free technical support.
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Feel free to contact us; we will give you a perfect solution for your pellet production business.